Embracing the Future with a Smart Monetization Plan

Embracing the Future with a Smart Monetization Plan

Introduction: The landscape of digital finance is ever-evolving, and Pulsar Money is once again at the forefront of this transformation. With the upcoming release of Pulsar Money V2, we’re introducing a monetization plan that balances accessibility with sustainability. This plan ensures that our platform remains user-friendly, while also aligning with our users' interests and the platform's growth.

The New Monetization Plan: Pulsar Money V2 brings an exciting update to our Social Payments feature. In the spirit of fostering a thriving web3 ecosystem, we're offering the first 25 transfers per day completely free of charge. This allows users to enjoy the ease and functionality of Social Payments without immediate costs.

However, to support the continuous development and maintenance of our platform, a nominal fee of 0.00095 EGDL will be applied to each transfer after the initial 25 daily free transfers. This fee structure is designed to be transparent and economical, ensuring that the community can contribute to the system's sustainability while enjoying premium services.

The Plan Breakdown:


The structure outlines the subscription plans available for Social Payments on Discord. Users can choose from a trial version, an annual plan, or a monthly plan, each tailored to different usage levels and preferences:

  • Trial Version: Experience Social Payments with up to 250 transfers per day, absolutely free for the first 14 days.
  • Annual Plan: Ideal for power users, this plan includes up to 10.000 transfers per day for an unbeatable annual price of 5 EGLD.
  • Monthly Plan: Get the best monthly deal with 10.000 transfers per day for just 1 EGLD/month.

Why Monetize? The decision to implement a monetization plan comes after careful consideration of our platform's future. The fees collected will directly fuel the further development of Pulsar Money, allowing us to enhance existing features, roll out new services, and ensure our platform scales effectively to meet the growing demands of the digital economy.

Looking Ahead: As we transition into Pulsar Money V2, we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The new monetization plan is just one of the many steps we're taking to ensure Pulsar Money remains a leading force in the blockchain payment space. We're committed to delivering a service that's not only powerful but also equitable for all users.

We thank our community for their continued support and invite everyone to join us on this journey. Get ready to experience the future of social payments with Pulsar Money V2.

About Pulsar.Money

Pulsar Money is building the Smart Payments Hub and shaping the face of digital finance in this way. Its approach offering a suite of solutions for streamlined and efficient blockchain transfers is unique and a compressed in one place. The Smart Payments Hub is a powerhouse of functionality, featuring modules like Social Pay, Vesting, Vaults, Payment Links, Staking, Invoices and much more, each module designed to simplify financial interactions on blockchain. Leveraging powerful infrastructure, Pulsar Money is setting new standards in terms of ease of use and accessibility of web3 technology. The mission is to offer seamless digital interactions, bringing the potential to everyday users and businesses.


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