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leveraging a reliable infrastructure

The most seamless way of transferring on-chain assets is here. Send or Request tokens via a powerful link.

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Contribute to the reliability of the chain by adding an extra layer of security. MultiversX Validators are live and operated by the Pulsar.Money x Astrarizon infrastructure. More Network to be integrated soon.

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Astra Staking Portal

One place to manage all your staking assets leveraging a reliable infrastructure. Seamlessly participate in PoS architecture while generating significant APR.

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Staking as a Service

Pulsar.Money is expanding the staking dashboard soon with staking as a service smart contract. More Ecosystem tokens will soon find its way on the Astra staking dashboard.

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Astra Dev Portal

Building in partnership with Astrarizon an AI powered Smart Contract development portal

Astra Dev Portal

Pulsar Wallet

The widget and soon mobile application is connecting the dots within the Pulsar.Money Ecosystem.

Astra Dev Portal

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The Pulsar.Money team is building relentlessly and we are always on the look for bringing value and new products for you.

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