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The most seamless way of transferring on-chain assets is here. Send or Request tokens via a powerful link.

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Pulsar Money App
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Smart Transfers

Transform your payment processes with Smart Transfers. This tool automates regular payments and payroll, streamlining your financial operations. Just configure your settings, and let the system efficiently manage the rest, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your core business activities.

For you

The Protocol offers powerful and configurable features that give you full control over the payroll/streaming process: Cancellable Option, Cliff Release, Release Frequency, Details and Email Notification. Implement pay-per-second, micropayments, and complex contractual arrangements effortlessly.

Pulsar Platform
Pulsar Platform

Supported tokens

Pulsar Money's Smart Transfer module currently supports 30+ tokens on the MultiversX Network.

Always expanding with more assets.

Pulsar Platform
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Astra Dev Portal

Building in partnership with Astrarizon an AI powered Smart Contract development portal

Astra Dev Portal

Pulsar Wallet

The widget and soon mobile application is connecting the dots within the Pulsar.Money Ecosystem.

Astra Dev Portal

Next big thing is coming sson

The Pulsar.Money team is building relentlessly and we are always on the look for bringing value and new products for you.

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