Expanding the limits of the Smart Payments Hub

Expanding the limits of the Smart Payments Hub


Crafting a product is a challenge, but creating one that shapes transfers and injects fun into the process? That's a whole new level. Pulsar.Money went live with a first iteration 6 months ago and set itself on this quest of redefining this experience. When it comes to the Social Payments module the aim is far broader than just seamless digital asset applications, we sought to infuse them with a sense of excitement and community. The answer was staring right at us: integrations within Social Media networks. That's where the community thrives. So, we took up the challenge to redefine how our users interact with tokens and NFTs, making it fun, engaging, and community-centric. This is how Social Pay came into existence – a product that’s not just about functionality, but also about bringing people together.

Developed with passion and a touch of fun, by the Pulsar Money team.

Social Pay Sustainable Growth

The monetisation plan is a crucial step towards ensuring the long-term viability of the Pulsar Money platform, while fostering growth and expansion. It's designed to balance user accessibility with the need for sustainable platform development. This plan revolves around the Social Payments Premium Plan, which introduces a minimal fee structure while offering enhanced features and capabilities.

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Freemium Plan

  • No activation needed: this plan comes right after you connect to the Social Payments Module
  • Free Daily Transfers: Enjoy 25 transfers every day, free of charge.
  • Campaign Limits: Conduct up to 3 campaigns daily, with up to 25 transfers each, under the free package.

Expand your limits and go Premium!

Activate your Premium Account in the Account Set Up tab and experience the unlimited potential of the Social Pay Module by Pulsar Money.

Premium Plan:

  • Unlimited Transfers: The Premium Plan removes transfer limits, allowing you to experience the full potential of Social Payments without restrictions.
  • Expanded Campaign Capabilities: Move past the daily limit of three campaigns. Create as many as you need, every day.
  • Exclusive Premium Features: Premium account holders gain access to unique commands, unlocking advanced and creative tools for an enhanced experience.
  • Minimal Fee for Extra Transfers: After your 25 free daily transfers, a small fee of 0.000095 EGLD per transfer will apply.
  • EGLD Deductions: Additional transfer fees will be automatically deducted from your EGLD balance in the Social Pay account.

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Enabling more with a Smart Monetization Plan

Our monetization plan marks a progressive step in Pulsar Money's journey, laying the groundwork for broader traction and enhanced capabilities. This strategic move is about advancing our platform, introducing innovative services, and refining our existing features. It's a step towards scaling the Smart Payments Hub effectively to shape needs of the web3 community, enabling advanced interactions and experiences for every user.

Looking ahead with Pulsar Money V2

The monetization plan and the increase in the Social Pay limits is just one facet of the exciting developments coming with Pulsar Money V2. We are focused to delivering a powerful service for all users, ensuring that Pulsar Money remains one of the fastest growing digital assets payment solution. We believe that these changes will empower our users and foster a more strong Ecosystem.

Build with us

We thank our community for their unwavering support and invite you to explore the new possibilities with the Social Payments Premium Plan. Your participation and feedback are pivotal as we continue to evolve and innovate in the blockchain payment space.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience the future of social payments with Pulsar Money V2! Discover Pulsar Money. Explore. Engage.


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