Next Chapter at Pulsar Money

Next Chapter at Pulsar Money

The Next Chapter at Pulsar Money

Pulsar Money unveils its new chapter, a renewed vision and ambitious goals set to redefine the payments landscape. This initiative not only launches a new website but also completes a sprint releasing key modules such as Payment Links, Discord Payments, and Social Payments features. It offers a glimpse into the future for Personal and Business oriented verticals, continuously expanding with new core modules and functionalities, united under the vision of developing the Smart Payments Hub.

New Portal to Pulsar.Money

The newly released website is a fresh glimpse into the Pulsar.Money Ecosystem. Change at Pulsar Money goes beyond aesthetics. It's an evolution in the approach of performing payments with digital assets. The redesigned website reflects a deep commitment to pioneering user-focused and seamless web3 solutions, reshaping interactions with the Smart Payments Hub for both personal and business users, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency.

Building Blocks

At the core of Pulsar Money is the Smart Payments Hub, crafted to shape digital transfers. This streamlined, blockchain-powered hub is redefining payment dynamics. With tools like Social Pay, Vesting, Vaults, Payment Links, and Invoices, Pulsar Money is not just creating tools but fostering an ecosystem for easier adoption and payment simplification.

Modules That Drive Adoption

The Smart Payments Hub stands as a testament to Pulsar Money's commitment to innovation. Each module, from Social Pay to Invoices, is designed for an effortless digital payment experience, tailored to the needs of the community. The Hub has already achieved significant milestones, processing over 350,000 transactions with the interactive modules such as the Social Payments and surpassed $30Mn in TVL with powerful modules for business such as Vesting considering the partnership with Hatom. Other modules are also representing growth such as the joint staking services with Astrarizon Ventures towards creating the one stop place for staking: currently running more than 10 validator nodes on MultiversX, offering services too +1500 users just for staking and hosting a total stake of above $4Mn assets under delegation. All of this culminating in a significant usage of thousands of users monthly active on the Pulsar.Money app.

The Wallet: A Gateway to Web3

The Pulsar Money Wallet is more than a digital wallet; it's a portal to the web3 universe. Blending simplicity with functionality, it enables users to manage assets, engage in DeFi, and explore NFTs, unlocking the potential of the digital world. More on the roadmap for this module will be released during the Q1, while currently the product is in a already live privately tested MVP that has been presented at the xDay hackathon.

Looking Forward: The Road ahead

Pulsar Money V2 which represents the join release of the new application interface alongside some new modules is set to make a significant impact in the near future. With a refreshed interface and innovative features, the roadmap outlines a vision for a new phase in digital payments leveraging the Smart Payments Hub. The upcoming Pulsar Money Airdrop Module is poised to transform project launches on MultiversX, the Invoicing Portal will shape the way web3 startups and enterprises interact in terms of billing or payrolls and further Pulsar products will be spanning new growth engines for the Ecosystem.

Join the Journey

Pulsar Money is more than a payment protocol; it's a community and a key player in the web3 space. Join the community & explore the new website, engage with the platform, and be part of this exciting journey.

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About Pulsar.Money

Pulsar Money is building the Smart Payments Hub, shaping the face of digital finance. Its approach offering a suite of solutions for streamlined and efficient blockchain transfers is unique and a compressed in one place. The Smart Payments Hub is a powerhouse of functionality, featuring modules like Social Pay, Vesting, Vaults, Payment Links, Staking, Invoices and much more, each module designed to simplify financial interactions on blockchain. Leveraging powerful infrastructure, Pulsar Money is setting new standards in terms of ease of use and accessibility of web3 technology. The mission is to offer seamless digital interactions, bringing the potential to everyday users and businesses.


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